William Boardman: Weapons of Mass Destruction Wanted?

Vermont city to consider protecting neighbors from Air Force F-35 attack A F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. (photo: unknown) By William Boardman  22 September 13  ReaderSupportedNews.org ith Vermont's highest elected officials still deep in Defense Dept. denial over the disaster that is the Air Force's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a local city council threatens to More

Tom Dispatch> Offshore Everywhere How Drones, Special Operations Forces, and the U.S. Navy Plan to End National Sovereignty As We Know It

A project of The Nation Institute Tomgram: Engelhardt, Kicking Down the World’s Door Posted by Tom Engelhardt     February 5, 2012     TomDispatch [Note for TomDispatch Readers:  Just a reminder for those planning their week: Jeremy Scahill, one of the best investigative journalists in the business, and I will be talking together on stage at New York University’s More

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