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David Swanson: Why War Is Not Inevitable

. . . we need to understand war as the cultural creation that it is and stop imagining it as something imposed on us by forces beyond our control. By davidswanson   davidswanson’s blog    27 May 2014 By World Beyond War If war were inevitable, there would be little point in trying to end it. If war […]

Noam Chomsky> Is the World Too Big to Fail?

Noam Chomsky, Who Owns the World?  “The U.S. cannot tolerate ‘any exercise of sovereignty’ that interferes with its global designs.” Posted by Noam Chomsky    August 12, 2012 Tom Dispatch In Noam Chomsky’s “Who Owns the World?” — the most popular TomDispatch post of all time (which means the last 10 years) — he wrote of […]

David Kristjanson-Gural> An Open Letter to Supporters of Occupy Wall Street

An Open Letter to Supporters of Occupy Wall Street December 10, 2011 By David Kristjanson-Gural      LA Progressive Photo: Ted Fisher Let me start by saying I get how difficult things are, and how busy we have all become.  I get how overwhelming it can be to just keep up. Part of what we are fighting, what […]