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▶ The Elizabeth Warren Speech That Has Everyone Talking

The Massachusetts senator sure won’t let big banks get away with the kind of blatant robbery other members of Congress seem perfectly happy to allow. Friday, Elizabeth Warren gave a scathing speech against bank bailouts on the Senate floor that has some proclaiming it may be the kind of address that gets her elected president of the […]

Bill Moyers: Grassroots Pro-Democracy Movement Must Rise to Challenge Corporate Control

Ahead of final sign-off, veteran journalist tells viewers that reaching out to their fellow citizens and neighbors is the essential task in creating the transformation so desperately needed By Jon Queally, staff writer  CommonDreams.org  October 24, 2014 After more than four decades as a journalist working in the public interest, Bill Moyers might soon be “signing-off” […]

Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine

This war – in all its ever-changing permutations – thus enables an endless supply of power and profit to flow to those political and economic factions that control the government regardless of election outcomes. Editor’s Note: There is really nothing new or surprising in this article. At least not for the readers of RiseUpTimes.org. The […]

David Swanson, Urgent: Right-Left Alliance Needed to Stop This War!

Big groups on the left have told me that they will not have any time for opposing war until the elections are over, at which point they’ll be happy to “hold accountable” any of the Democrats they’ve just reelected. There are organizations who do the same thing for Republicans. By david swanson   Ron Paul Institute for […]

Thomas Frank on All these effing geniuses: Ezra Klein, expert-driven journalism, and the phony Washington consensus

Ezra Klein and his data brigade think political science will save us. But expert opinion is why we’re in this mess THOMAS FRANK  Salon.com  September 14, 2014 Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Newt Gingrich (Credit: AP/Reuters/Tannen Maury/Saul Loeb/John Duricka/photo montage by Salon) In a recent article on Vox, Ezra Klein declared that his generation of Washington […]

E. J. Dionne: The Vital Incoherent Center

 Every decade or so, the Pew Research Center sorts the American electorate into discrete groupings with interesting names.    By E.J. Dionne, Jr. truthdig.com  June 30, 2014 Dirk Loop (CC-BY) Here’s one political paradox: A substantial majority of Americans do not fit neatly into the conventional “liberal” and “conservative” boxes, yet there is no coherent political center. Those […]

Peter Hart: Leaving Beltway Journalism, Revealing Its Shortcomings

By Peter Hart  FAIR BLOG  March 04, 2014 Robert Kaiser (cc photo: Aspen Institute) Veteran journalist Robert Kaiser is leaving the Washington Post–and, for that matter, the city–and he wrote a farewell of sorts in the Post  (2/28/14). In it, he revealed one of his frustrations as a Beltway journalist: that the “rules” of elite journalism do not allow one to call […]

▶ Bill Moyers Interviews Adolph Reed Jr.: The Surrender of America’s Liberals

In a Web-exclusive interview, political scientist Adolph Reed Jr. talks with Bill Moyers about his new article in the March issue of Harper’s Magazine – a challenge to America’s progressives provocatively titled, “Nothing Left: The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals.” In the piece, Reed writes that Democrats and liberals have become too fixated on election results […]

▶ Dog Whistle Politics: How Politicians Use Coded Racism to Push Through Policies Hurting All

Rise Up Times Editor’s Note:  This week Rise Up Times will be focusing on articles about racism, particularly in America. This video from Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! is an important beginning.  On today’s show (January 14, 2014) is an extensive interview with Erin Brockovich who has called a town hall meeting in Charleston, West Virginia, […]

▶ “Makes Absolutely No Sense”: David Cay Johnston on Budget Deal That Helps Billionaires, Not the Poor

 democracynow Published on Dec 16, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org – A bipartisan budget deal to avert another government shutdown comes before the Senate this week. The vast majority of House members from both parties approved the two-year budget agreement last week in a 332-to-94 vote. It is being hailed as a breakthrough compromise for Democrats and Republicans. The bill […]

[Video] Moyers: Mark Leibovich on Glitz and Greed in Washington

August 23, 2013  Moyers & Company Bill talks with journalist Mark Leibovich about his latest book,This Town, a city where money rules the day and status is determined by who you know and what they can do for you. “If you can sell yourself as someone who knows how Washington works, someone who has these […]

John Stauber> The Progressive Movement as PR Front

Paid to Lose The Progressive Movement as PR Front by JOHN STAUBER  WEEKEND EDITION MARCH 15-17, 2013  Counterpunch.org Editor’s Note:  This article should be read in conjunction with Chris Hedges “The Day That TV News Died” to understand the role of the corporate mainstream and progressive media. There is good news in the Boston Globe today for […]

Steven Rosenfeld> Will Democrats Take Their Progressive Base For Granted Or Cultivate It?

Will Democrats Take Their Progressive Base For Granted Or Cultivate It? The Party has a history of abandoning core voters after Election Day. By Steven Rosenfeld  November 7, 2012  AlterNet.org Supporters of Barack Obama celebrate in front of the White House in Washington, DC. Obama has swept to an emphatic re-election win over Mitt Romney, making […]

Glenn Greenwald> Obama the Warrior

 Obama the Warrior A new NYT article sheds considerable light on the character of the Democratic Commander-in-Chief BY GLENN GREENWALD     TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012 06:59 AM CDT Salon.com President Obama (Credit: AP) “I am not going to play in this dirty game. This is not democracy. These elections are a joke” — Abdel Fattah, Egyptian subway worker, […]

Liam Fox> The Occupy Movement and Those That Would Love It To Death

The Occupy Movement and Those That Would Love It To Death  Liam Fox   Jan 28, 2012   NEWS JUNKIE POST While the 99% have occupied Wall Street, Wall Street has occupied the Democratic Party. The Occupation movement is currently struggling with the same challenges of any grass-roots, populous movement. Well-meaning activists that have been pursuing these […]

The de-politicisation of political media> Al Jazeera

The de-politicisation of political media  Ted Rall Last Modified: 28 Sep 2011 14:02   Al Jazeera English US political ideologies are converging on the right, but the power of ideas doesn’t matter in this popularity contest. The political pendulum of the US has swung so far to the right that ‘centre-left’ politicians such as Al Gore only […]

WAMM Peace Troupe Video: Amazing! Democrats and Republicans Agree!

Despite politicians and the corporate media’s work to divide us, 92% of Americans agree that they would prefer to live in a country where the wealth is more equitably distributed! (Norton/Ariely 2011 study). WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) members talk with passersby in downtown Minneapolis about the results of the study. WAMMToday is now on […]