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Jerome Roos: Where is the Protest? A Reply

total dis-aggregration and atomization of the social fabric    pervasive sense of anxiety overwhelming sense of futility By Jérôme Roos Roarmag.org   Posted in: Activism, SourceZ, US   ZCommunications  April 11, 2014 Last week, two commentaries appeared in The Guardian — one by David Graeber and the other by Costas Lapavitsas and Alex Politaki — basically asking the same question: given that we’re under such relentless assault by the rich and powerful, why More

[Video] David Graeber: There Has Been a War on the Human Imagination

http://youtu.be/nC9226iJuNs Video posted by  TheBafflerFoundation Posted on Aug 12, 2013  truthdig.com American intellectuals have had plenty of cause for despair in these Roman decades of international and domestic imperialism against different ways of thought and life. At an April launch party in San Francisco for the 22nd volume of The Baffler, anthropologist and contributor David Graeber explained some More

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