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Ann Wright: Where your conscience can take you | North Korea

Wright: My conscience is taking me now to North Korea. Today, as a citizen diplomat, I am part of a delegation of 30 international women peacemakers from around the world who will walk with Korean women, north and south, to call for an end to the Korean War and for a new beginning for a reunified Korea.

Karma Of Dissent: An Interview With Ann Wright

"Here's somebody that's spent a lot of years of her life in the military and the diplomatic corps and is now willing to speak about peace and challenge the rationale that America needs to have war in order to be the dominant power in the world." By Ann Wright (about the author)  opednews.com  June 5, 2014 In late More

Being with the Dalai Lama by Rabbi Michael Lerner

Being with the Dalai Lama by Rabbi Michael Lerner July 20, 2011   Tikkun.org:  to heal, repair and transform the world Being with the Dalai Lama–my experience on  Monday, July 18 by Rabbi Michael Lerner The Dalai Lama speaks with Rabbi Michael Lerner, Jewish theologian, chair of the Network of Spiritual Progressives www.spiritualprogressives.org, and editor of More

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