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▶ Cornel West among protesters arrested in Ferguson (VIDEO)

“It’s a beautiful thing to see people on fire for justice, but I didn’t come here to give a speech,” he said at Sunday’s event. “I came here to go to jail.” RT.com  Published: October 13, 2014 20:13  Edited: October 14, 2014 01:07   To view the video, click the Download video link below. (It […]

Chris Floyd> A Low, Dishonest Decade: New Details for the Iraq War Crime Mosaic

A Low, Dishonest Decade: New Details for the Iraq War Crime Mosaic By Chris Floyd (about the author)  OpEdNews Op Eds 3/7/2013 at 22:40:40 Picture Source: Empire Burlesque The truth-telling of the imprisoned Bradley Manning continues to bear rich fruit, even as he faces a lifetime in prison for acting on principle to save innocent lives and prevent his country […]

Uzma Kolsy> Eight attacks, 11 days> Is something sinister at work?

Eight attacks, 11 days There’s a crime wave targeting houses of worship, most of them Muslim. Is something sinister at work? BY UZMA KOLSY    August 14, 2012    Salon.com The remains of the Islamic Society of Joplin mosque(Credit: Islamic Society of Joplin/Facebook) David Conrad, a resident of Morton Grove, Illinois, was likely peeved by the noise from […]

Uzma Kolsy> The spread of “Suspicious Activity Reporting”

Suspicious Activity Reporting asks citizens to keep an eye out on their neighbors — and it’s spreading BY UZMA KOLSY     March 30, 2012    Salon.com  (Credit: Warren Goldswain via Shutterstock/Salon) Crime in Los Angeles is a gritty enterprise, and donning an LAPD badge has historically involved getting your hands dirty. Long before the New York Police Department was […]