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Christian Christensen on WikiLeaks: Collateral Murder and the After-Life of Activist Imagery

Even after 4 years, the WikiLeaks video retains its power and relevance. By Christian Christensen   WikiLeaks  medium.com The following is the full text of my talk at the “Image Operations” conference held at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin on April 10, 2014. I would like to begin by noting that last week marked the […]

Clergy, Veterans Among Five Arrested Ash Wednesday at U.S. Killer Drone Protest at Beale Air Base

Nearly 40 activists attended the Ash Wednesday service and drone resistance event just outside the base during early morning rush hour on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 A beautiful Ash Wednesday action at Beale AFB today organized by Rev. Sharon Delgado. Ashes Spread Memorializing Children Killed by Drones  MARYSVILLE/BEALE AFB (8:31 a.m.) – Five people – including three members of the clergy, […]

Tom Engelhardt: BRIDE AND BOOM!

And were a wedding party to be obliterated on a highway anywhere in America on the way to, say, a rehearsal dinner, whatever the cause, it would be a 24/7 tragedy. Our lives would be filled with news of it. Count on that.    By Tom Engelhardt  December 21, 2013  truthdig.com   This piece first appeared at TomDispatch.    […]

[Video Panel] Glenn Greenwald: The war on whistleblowers and journalism – Julian Assange, David Coombs, Alexa O’Brien and others

Discussing press freedoms with Julian Assange, David Coombs, Alexa O’Brien and others.   Glenn Greenwald  Thursday 19 September 2013 06.49 EDT  theguardian.com I’m working on several stories, so posting this week will be difficult. Until then, below is the video of the 90-minute event I did this week at the Sydney Opera House on the […]

[Video] Organizing Notes: Syrian Woman Rips Into McCain At Town Hall For His Support For Bombing Syria 9 5 2013

Bruce Gagnon: Organizing Notes  September 6, 2013


Many innocent people, likely many hundreds, will be killed in Syria as Obama “punishes” the already suffering Syrian people even more.  Posted by Bruce K. Gagnon | Wednesday, August 28, 2013 10:31 AM  Organizing Notes This is what an US attack on Syria will look like.  Tomahawk cruise missiles will be fired from Navy destroyers just […]

Sammy Almashat: Terrors of U.S. Drone War Brought to Light

Civilian deaths not aberrations Sammy Almashat        Public Citizen Health Letter    June 2013 The U.S. use of armed drones against countries around the world is now in its 12th year. President Barack Obama, whose successful 2008 campaign largely relied on discontent with the foreign policy of George W. Bush, has overseen a dramatic expansion of Bush’s […]

(Video) Live from the Bradley Manning Trial with Alexa O’Brien

 ForbiddenKnowledgeTV· Published on Jul 13, 2013 Alexa O’Brien is a crowd-funded independent journalist who has taken it upon herself to be the unofficial court stenographer of the Bradley Manning trial. Her website has become a valuable resource for those seeking to know more about the proceedings of this trial. Although the Fort Meade hearings are open […]

(Video) Is truth the enemy?

Editor’s Note:  I am not sure that I agree with the premise presented by the videomaker that the “Snowden thing” was planned deliberately as a distraction from Bradley Manning.  However, it is true that Snowden’s revealing of NSA spying as a fact and the extent of the spying has proved somewhat of a distraction from […]

Rachel Maddow On Drone Strikes: ‘One Of The More Orwellian Things’ About 21st Century America

Published on Jan 11, 2013  ThePrincessHira Rachel Maddow looked at President Obama’s use of drones — and his nomination of John Brennan, the architect of his drone policy, to CIA director — on her Thursday show. Maddow said she was troubled by the secrecy with which the strikes were carried out, since the Obama administration’s policy […]

Juan Cole> Iraq Redux: Top Ten Ways TV Networks Are Screwing Us Again

David Gregory’s attack on Glenn Greenwald is an example of how the media is acting as a government propaganda machine against Edward Snowden. (photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) By Juan Cole  25 June 13  Informed Comment via ReaderSupportedNews.org U.S. television news is a danger to the security of the United States. First, it is so oriented […]

Kathy Kelly> From Afghanistan, thank you Bradley Manning! & An appeal from Afghanistan to whistle-blow on war

Here are two items from the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul.  Access to internet is sporadic there, so I wanted to send these items out on their behalf.    —Kathy Kathy Kelly   June 18, 2013  From Dr. Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers Recognition that 95 million human beings were killed in World War […]

John Pilger> Understanding The Latest Leaks Is Understanding The Rise Of A New Fascism

Snowden’s revelation that Washington has used Google, Facebook, Apple and other giants of consumer technology to spy on almost everyone, is further evidence of a modern form of fascism — that is the “abyss”. Having nurtured old-fashioned fascists around the world – from Latin America to Africa and Indonesia – the genie has risen at […]

Chase Madar> How Dystopian Secrecy Contributes to Clueless Wars

“Al-Qaeda remains a simmering menace, but as an organization hardly the greatest threat to the United States.  In fact, if you measure national security in blood and money, as many of us still do, by far the greatest threat to the United States over the past dozen years has been our own clueless foreign policy.” […]

Obama speech suggests possible expansion of drone killings | McClatchy

Nearly 4,000 people are estimated to have died in U.S. drone strikes since 2004, the vast majority if them conducted by the CIA in Pakistan’s tribal area bordering Afghanistan. A mechanic works on one of the Marine Corps’ two K-MAX unmanned helicopter sat Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The two drones are used for supply missions […]

Farea al-Muslim> My Village Was Attacked By US Drones in Yemen

A tribesman walks near a building damaged last year by a US drone strike targeting suspected al-Qaeda militants in Azan of the southeastern Yemeni province of Shabwa, Feb. 3, 2013. (photo by REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah) By: Farea al-Muslimi for Al-Monitor Posted on April 18 via Just Foreign Policy If you live in Yemen, the golden rule is to expect […]

[Video] Yemeni Activist Farea al-Muslimi Urges U.S. to Stop the Drone War on His Country

Interview on Democracy Now! democracynow Published on Apr 25, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org – Yemeni activist and journalist Farea al-Muslimi delivered a moving plea before a Senate hearing this week for an end to U.S. drone strikes inside his country. Speaking at the first-ever public congressional hearing on Obama’s secret drone and targeted killing program, al-Muslimi offered a rare […]

“The Kissinger Cables”: Three Years After “Collateral Murder,” WikiLeaks Explores U.S. Diplomacy

  Published on Apr 8, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org – The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has just published “the Kissinger cables,” 1.7 million U.S. diplomatic and intelligence documents from 1973 to 1976 that include many once-secret memos written by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. While the documents have been available to the public at the National Archives, WikiLeaks has […]

Video> We are those two Afghan children

We are those two Afghan children Two young Afghan boys herding cattle in Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan were mistakenly killed by NATO forces yesterday. ourjourneytosmile·182 videos Published on Mar 3, 2013 “Two young Afghan boys herding cattle in Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan were mistakenly killed by NATO forces yesterday. They were seven and eight years old. […]

Misty Rowan> On Military Drones (and tearing them to pieces)

Make Art, Not War On Military Drones (and tearing them to pieces) by Misty Rowan Saturday, December 8, 2012  Human Rights Day March It’s the arms race of the future, really, except this time Sputnik’s ganna be an unmanned plane. And if the vessel is unmanned, doesn’t that make the killing automatically inhumane? It’s odd […]