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Buddy Bell> Backwards Intentions> Afghanistan and Honduras

Backwards Intentions> Afghanistan and Honduras  By Buddy Bell   August 31, 2012   VCNV I’ll always remember a scene from my second day in Afghanistan, when 16-year-old Abdulhai asked me a question, in English. “Is this your first time in a backward country?” I could see at the time that his comment was spoken from a place […]

Kathy Kelly> The Sky As It Falls with action request

The Sky as it Falls by Kathy Kelly  July 23, 2012 Take action.  For more details see Kathy’s article below. Caravan for Peace organizers, in coordination with Global Exchange, recently invited Afghan Peace Volunteers to participate in the Caravan of Solace during the final ten days of travel across the U.S. Afghan Peace Volunteers await an […]