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Ann Wright> Anti-Drone Activists Stopped at U.S. Canadian Border due to “Orders of Protection” given to Commander of Drone Base

By Ann Wright (about the author)  6/22/2013  opednews.com *By Charley Bowman In mid-June, 2013, Western New York Peace Center board member Valerie Niederhoffer was stopped and interrogated for several hours at the U.S.-Canadian border when returning to the US from an afternoon doing Tai Chi in Canada with friends. The U.S. immigration and customs officer entered Val’s name into […]

Polly Mann> That’s No Harvest Moon in the Sky, Honey

That’s No Harvest Moon in the Sky, Honey By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter   December/January   2011/2012 That’s a predator drone. Those objects in the sky are what you might be seeing if you’re somewhere near the Canadian or Mexican borders. They’re out scouting for illegal immigrants, drug runners or terrorists. They can remain airborne […]