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Our Invisible Government, by Chris Hedges

The most powerful and important organs in the invisible government are the nation’s bloated and unaccountable intelligence agencies.

Chris Hedges: Fighting the Militarized State

 “We have already seen journalists such as [you] and Laura Poitras detained and denied access to a lawyer and due process. This law will make legal any such detentions. It will permit the military, on American soil, to throw journalists and activists in a military prison without trial or due process.”  — Carl Mayer Alexa O’Brien speaks […]

Peter Van Buren> Homeland Insecurity> Seven Years, Untold Dollars to Silence One Man

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, If the Government Does It, It’s “Legal” Posted by Peter Van Buren at 8:22am, May 9, 2013 Indefinite detention of the innocent and guilty alike, without any hope of charges, trial, or release: this is now the American way.  Most Americans, however, may not care to take that in, not even when the indefinitely […]

Video: Glenn L. Carle discussing his book The Interrogator: An Education

Uploaded by NewAmericaFoundation on Aug 9, 2011 The Interrogator: An Education A New America Book Event with Glenn L. Carle Editor’s Note:  The YouTube video shown here is the short version.  To understand what happened to this CIA agent and why he has written this book, after watching the short video, click on the note that says “click […]