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Evergreene Digest | ‘You Cannot Use Military Force to Wipe Out Terrorism’

But the problem is, as long as you’re doing the military, the others don’t work. You can’t be bombing people and at the same time think that you’re going to succeed at, quote, “persuading” them, which is one of the great things the Obama administration has talked about wanting to do, persuading them that ISIS […]

Sign by Coleen Rowley

Iraq Invasion – Anniversary of The Biggest Terrorist Attack in Modern History

There are no minutes silences or Eiffel Tower bathed in the colours of the Iraqi flag – or indeed those of the other ongoing Western engineered catastrophes, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, or for the US-UK complicity in the human carnage in Yemen, or for the forty three dead and two hundred and thirty nine injured in Beirut in November, reportedly by ISIS, the day before the Paris attack.

American Unexceptionalism: Blackwater

The Blackwater scandal shows the U.S. isn’t immune from behaviors we abhor in others. By William Saletan  Slate.com  June 30, 2014 Blackwater was founded 17 years ago by Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Two years ago, in a speech to the Wisconsin Faith and Freedom Coalition, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of […]

Sami Rasouli> How about a warmer welcome?

How about a warmer welcome? Article by: SAMI RASOULI   Updated: May 23, 2012 – 10:21 PM Star/Tribune Iraqis who seek to visit the U.S. find that visas are delayed or denied. It was with apprehension that I took my wife and young son, Omar, to the United States embassy in Baghdad not long ago. I […]

Derek McGee> An Iraq Vet’s Journey From Wall Street to OWS

An Iraq Vet’s Journey From Wall Street to OWS Derek McGee    January 25, 2012 This article appeared in the February 13, 2012 edition of The Nation. An American flag flies over the empty Occupy Wall Street Encampment at Zuccotti Park as dawn breaks, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) In late […]

Without Accountability, No Lessons Learned> Iraq troop withdrawal

With the date for U.S. forces to be fully withdrawn from Iraq fast approaching, it is important to remind ourselves how we got into that long and deadly war in the first place, and to hold accountable those who are responsible. About that Iraq withdrawal James Zogby, Huffington Post Submitted by David Culver With the […]

Alleged WikiLeaks Source Bradley Manning Has A Court Date: 569 Days After His Arrest

Alleged WikiLeaks Source Bradley Manning Has A Court Date: 569 Days After His Arrest Andy Greenberg, Forbes Staff    11/21/2011    Forbes One year, six months, and three weeks after he was first jailed in a military brig in Kuwait, alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning will have his day in court: According to a blog post Monday […]