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Henry A. Giroux | Donald Trump and the Plague of Atomization in a Neoliberal Age

Neoliberalism fosters the viewing of pain and suffering as entertainment, warfare a permanent state of existence, and militarism as the most powerful force shaping masculinity. Politics has taken an exit from ethics and thus the issue of social costs is divorced from any form of intervention in the world.

Attacks On Muslims in the Midwest Highlight Violent Trend of Bigotry Sweeping the US

Mnar Muhawesh stressed that Islamophobic violence in the United States is a reflection of decades of American imperialism and interventionist warfare in the Middle East, which may have claimed as many as 8 million Muslim lives in the modern era.

Nafeez Ahmed: The Inclusive Capitalism Initiative is Trojan Horse to quell coming global revolt

. . . proposed ‘reforms’ offer ways to rehabilitate perceptions of powerful businesses and corporations, in order to head-off rising worker discontent and thus keep the system going, while continuing to maximise profits for the few at the expense of the planet. By Nafeez Ahmed  The Guardian  Wednesday, May 28, 2014  TheRawStory.com Yesterday’s [5/27/14] Conference on […]

Polly Mann: Islam — Common Myths Deconstructed

 By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter  October 2013 The excellent 200-page book, Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire by Deepa Kumar (Haymarket Books 2012) could be described as a succinct primer for those of us who have given little thought as to why there is such mistrust of Middle Easterners among Americans. This fear was exacerbated […]

Jay Janson: Merciless US NATO UN Genocide In Somalia

Merciless US NATO UN Genocide In Somalia Brought Nairobi Shopping Mall Blowback! Each scull belonged to someone precious to family and friends. Photo by Erik Orakel (via OpEdNews) Folks, Took me many days to run back over all this monstrous genocide; all the while in mind the hundreds of thousands of beautiful Somali children their eyes staring straight […]

Uzma Kolsy> Eight attacks, 11 days> Is something sinister at work?

Eight attacks, 11 days There’s a crime wave targeting houses of worship, most of them Muslim. Is something sinister at work? BY UZMA KOLSY    August 14, 2012    Salon.com The remains of the Islamic Society of Joplin mosque(Credit: Islamic Society of Joplin/Facebook) David Conrad, a resident of Morton Grove, Illinois, was likely peeved by the noise from […]