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▶ Are the demonstrations against Israel’s attack on Gaza anti-Semitic?

Apologists for Israel’s barbarism allege that pro-Palestinian marches opposing the attack on Gaza are rife with anti-Semitism. Barnaby Raine, one of the organisers of the Jewish Bloc that marched on the London demonstration for Gaza on 26/07/14, interviewed about allegations of anti-Semitism on pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Lindsey German  StoptheWarCoalition.org  Posted in News  29 July 2014 NOT CONTENT […]

Ruth Fowler: The risk of opposing Israel in the US

We all know the stigma, but we cannot remain silent. Whenever I address Israeli violence publicly I prepare for the loss of Jewish friends and for messages such as ‘You will never work in Hollywood again’ and ‘Now I know that you hate our people, I will not employ you.’ (Yes, these are actual quotes.) […]

Kevin Gosztola: Deepa Kumar on Anti-Muslim Racism Behind NSA Surveillance, Media’s Coverage of Gaza

Over a week ago, The Intercept reported on five Muslim Americans who were targets of NSA and FBI surveillance. Why has this, in comparison to previous major stories on NSA surveillance, received so little mainstream coverage?    By: Kevin Gosztola  FireDogLake.com  July 20, 2014  [partial transcript included below] Deepa Kumar Media coverage of Israel’s assault on Gaza has […]