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The Chicago Anonymous Marches Against Mainstream Media With New Tactics

The canvassing technique showed considerable efficacy in spreading truth and awareness, educating the people of Chicago. By Alex Freeman for The Fifth Column  MintPressNews.com   April 6, 2015 Chicago, IL (TFC) – On Saturday, April 4, activist groups across the country held events to raise awareness that the mainstream media is a sales and propaganda arm […]

The Intercept: The Latest Twist in the Bizarre Prosecution of Barrett Brown

Brown wrote that “the emails will reveal a great deal about a lot of important subjects including wrongdoing by states and institutions,” specifying “mass surveillance [and] cutting edge disinformation techniques.” BY MICHELLE GARCIA  The Intercept  December 16. 2014 DALLAS, Tx.—Barrett Brown entered the federal courtroom shackled, with a slight swagger in his step and squinting […]

A brief history of the Guy Fawkes mask and how the mask evolved into an unlikely global symbol of rebellion

As you’ve likely noticed, over the past few years the stylized mask of Guy Fawkes has evolved into a global symbol of dissent, employed by everyone from shadowy computer hackers to Turkish airline workers.  Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated in England on November 5th with bonfire festivals.   By Monica Nickelsburg   TheWeek.com   July 3, 2013 […]

Lulz and Dissent: A New Book on Anonymous

“Coleman does a fantastic job of chronicling Anonymous’s political turn while explaining her own moral pretzels as a researcher. She illuminates a movement that bucks the cultural trend to self-promote and examines the “fractal chaos” of a leaderless collective that is deliberately hard to pin down but looks a little bit like the Internet when […]

‘It’s Information Warfare Against Journalism, Against the Public’

The state now wants to make sharing unapproved information a crime,” DSWright writes at FireDogLake. “Which is to say the stakes in the Barrett Brown case could not be higher.” truthdig.com  March 3, 2014 The author explains: The government is pressing charges that carry up to 100 years in prison against Brown mostly for the […]

[Video] “Anonymous” Hacktivists to Government: You Can’t Arrest Us All

In new video, the hacker collective vows to stand by those targeted by what it deems “corrupt governments.” by Rachael Stoeve  posted Nov 05, 2013  YES! Magazine Free All Political Prisoners! #Anonymous #freeanons from Syme onVimeo. The global hacker collective Anonymous has made a name for itself with daring hacks of government websites. Many of those hacks, and the group’s […]

Anonymous Declares War on WikiLeaks After Syria Files’ Row

Anonymous Declares War on WikiLeaks After Syria Files’ Row By GIANLUCA MEZZOFIORE July 13, 2012 2:37 PM GMT   International Business Times Anonymous declares war to WikiLeaks (Anonops/WikiLeaks) The Anonymous hacking collective has declared war on whistleblowing website WikiLeaks following a furious Twitter row over the disclosure of two million e-mails from Syrian political figures, ministries […]

Hightower Lowdown> Our taxes pay spies to work for rich shareholders> and pay for the corporatization of war itself

A corporate “foreign legion” has taken over America’s intelligence and military functions Our taxes pay spies to work for rich shareholders– and pay for the corporatization of war itself Hightower Lowdown    April Lowdown edited by Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer On the last day of last year, Austin’s daily newspaper led with a story that […]

Anonymous- Mainstream Media Corruption Exposed

Anonymous- Mainstream Media Corruption Exposed For the year of 2011, the four owners of CNN, FOX, and NBC have spent $44,246,979 dollars on lobbying… Join Us!  Subscribe to WAMMToday from our blog website and “Follow” us.  riseuptimes.wordpress.com.    WAMMToday is now on Facebook!   Check the WAMMToday page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” […]

Alexis Madrigal Who Do You Trust Less: The NSA or Anonymous?

Who Do You Trust Less: The NSA or Anonymous? By Alexis Madrigal   February 21, 2012   The Atlantic Intelligence officials seem to be polishing up their case to take on Anonymous like a ‘stateless’ terrorist group. The director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander, told various high-level audiences that the loosely affiliated group, […]

A message from Anonymous to Wall street, New York and the protestors

This is a message from anonymous to the people of New York city, wall street and members of the protest. We are crowding your streets, we are filling its veins. This might be painful, but you will not open your eyes so we are being forced to dilate them. This your protest. Welcome your new […]

Video> October2011 members get arrested at Senate Offices

October2011.org   Washington D.C. guardians of freedom get arrested at an End War Rally in the Senate building.   Video Responses 4:49OWS Important  Public Service Announcement by DeleteMeOnline144 views Uploaded by DeleteMeOnline on Oct 10, 2011 OWS Important Public Service Announcement! Anonymous…..Support all “Occupy Wall Street”,”End the Fed”,”Occupy DC” ,etc. protest groups… The Ass Hat Alex Jones Channel […]

Occupy U.S. Video of Wall Street Occupation, September 17

Channel is offline  (see links below) Occupy U.S.   MobileBroadcastNews Free live streaming by Ustream Links to other videos: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17342003 Drums Occupy Wall Street   9:20 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17342049 Music Section Occupy Wall Street   9:20 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17340473 Beautiful Vibes  8:14 There are more.  If you click on one link above they will appear. WAMMToday is now on Facebook! […]

Protesters in N.Y.C. blast money in politics – CBS News

Demonstrators gather in front of a police barricade to call for the occupation of Wall Street, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II) (CBS News)  NEW YORK – A coalition of groups who say they’ve been inspired by “Arab Spring” protests against Middle Eastern despots has initiated a large, Tahrir Square-like protest […]

Parts IV, Media and Propaganda and Part V, Crying Wolf? of What Have We Wrought:

What Have We Wrought: thoughts on freedom, taxes, capitalism and democracy Part IV:  Media and Propaganda With a mainstream corporate media that is bought and sold by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, with Clear Channel’s and other right-wing owners control of local radio around the country, how do we reach these relatives and neighbors? Every […]

Anonymous, LulzSec: ‘Your threats to arrest us are meaningless’

Anonymous, LulzSec: ‘Your threats to arrest us are meaningless’ By Hayley Tsukayama Posted at 10:33 AM ET, 07/21/2011     Washington Post Blog The logo of LulzSecAnonymous and LulzSec released a joint statement responding to the FBI on Thursday morning, defending their practices and insisting that their hacks will effect social change. The groups said that […]

FBI arrests 16 in ‘Anonymous’ hacker crackdown | The Raw Story

FBI arrests 16 in ‘Anonymous’ hacker crackdown By Agence France-Presse Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 — 9:27 pm      The Raw Story WASHINGTON — US authorities Tuesday arrested 16 people for cyber crimes including 14 over an online attack on the PayPal website claimed by the hacking group “Anonymous,” the Department of Justice (DoJ) said. The […]

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head — And That the Media Are Ignoring

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head — And That the Media Are Ignoring June 7, 2011  |     By Rania Khalek     AlterNet.org Is 2011 capable of exceeding 2010’s revelations? And what discoveries in 2011 has WikiLeaks unearthed thus far? Between Collateral Murder, the Iraq War Logs, the Afghan War Diary, and Cablegate, it appeared as […]