Chris Hedges: Choosing Life

 The normal life span of a cow is 20 to 25 years. The life span of a cow on a dairy farm, one whose reproductive system is often speeded up through administering hormones such as estrogen and prostaglandin, is five to seven years. By Chris Hedges  April 19, 2015 AP / Carrie Antlfinger MINISINK, More

Chris Hedges: All Forms of Life Are Sacred

"...You cannot speak about nonviolence and stick violence into your mouth three times a day. How many of us have grown up with a dog, a cat, a parakeet or a rabbit? Did we love those beings? Did we love them in a different way from the way we ‘loved’ our car or our stereo? More

▶ Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest

[youtube=] Published on Jun 11, 2014 In 2002, investigative journalist and TED Fellow Will Potter decided to take a break from his regular beat, writing about shootings and murders for the Chicago Tribune. He went to help a local group campaigning against animal testing: "I thought it would be a safe way to do something More

Ryan Shapiro: Is Freeing a Duck Terrorism?

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience is a great American tradition. Editor's Note:  It is not only environmental activists who are being charged with being "terrorists."  All over the country—at the Republican National Convention in 2008, during the Occupy movement, and ongoing—activists who are arrested in acts of civil disobedience for dissent from animal rights, antiwar and antidrone More

Seal Team Six and Drones

Seal Team Six and Drones By Polly Mann A worker bee was lipping off to a sleek black seal:  “I’ve tried for years to overcome the negative implications of my name, ‘drone', defined in many minds as 'indisposed to hard work' and by others, less well-intentioned, as 'lazy.'” “Now, the Pentagon calls its program ‘drones’ that targets More

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