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Immigration Divides Europe and the German Left by Diana Johnstone

After causing a growing split between EU countries, the immigrant crisis is now threatening to bring down Merkel’s own Christian Democratic (CDU) government.

Susu Jeffrey: Obama’s Neo-Cold War

In retrospect, Russia-bashing was the main media event of the Sochi Olympics since the U.S. “lost” in the medal count. The Ukraine crisis has put the Olympics in the past tense and presented an opportunity for the old Cold War team to field a new crisis. Pres. Obama is following the Clinton policy of pushing […]

Juan Cole: America’s Secret 4th Branch of Government: The NSA kept even Obama in the Dark

Edward Snowden’s critics have alleged that he revealed classified US secrets to the enemies of the US. But it seems increasingly likely that he revealed them to . . . Barack Obama. By Juan Cole  10/28/2013  Informed Comment The revelation from the Snowden Papers that the National Security Agency had German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal cell […]

Der Spiegel> ‘Key Partners’: Secret Links Between Germany and the NSA

AFP Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly said she knew nothing about American surveillance activities in Germany. But documents seen by SPIEGEL show that German intelligence cooperates closely with the NSA and even uses spy software provided by the US.  By SPIEGEL The article you are reading originally appeared in German in issue 30/2013 (July 22, […]