Henrik Arnstad: Fascism thrives under the guise of democracy

To claim that racist parties are democratic is based on a dangerous and ahistorical view of ideology, says Henrik Arnstad. Here are the notes preceeding the posting of the article below. ”Den [mellankrigstida] fascismen ansåg krossandet av demokratin vara ett villkor för ultranationalismens triumf. Men den nutida extremhögern vill göra demokratin etniskt homogen och reservera More

What Have We Wrought, Part III: Anders Breivik and a Culture of Fascism

What Have We Wrought: thoughts on freedom, taxes, capitalism and democracy Part III:  Anders Breivik and a Culture of Fascism These people--these relatives and neighbors--do not fall into the same category as Anders Breivik, the young man who murdered the children in Norway.  They would be as horrified at such terror.  Yet Breivik in the More

Media reinforces Islamophobia, by Rania Abuishnaineh

Media reinforces Islamophobia Many media jumped to the false conclusion that a Muslim was responsible for the attack in Norway. BY RANIA ABUISNAINEH      Minnesota Daily     2011 / 08 / 03 Aghast and devastated when news reached us of the attacks in Norway, everyone was deeply pained that someone could so mercilessly claim the lives of 90 innocent More

Terror in Norway: a political analysis, by Ed Felien

Terror in Norway: a political analysis BY ED FELIEN   Southside Pride  August 2, 2011 On Friday, July 25, Anders Breivik, a right-wing Christian fundamentalist who hated Muslims, set off a bomb in downtown Oslo destroying a building that contained the office of Jens Stoltenberg, the Labor Party prime minister, killing 8 people. He then More

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