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Ilhan Omar is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!

“And it isn’t just Ilhan they are going after. For too long, AIPAC has had a stranglehold on American foreign policy.”

Is Trump a Fascist? On Deconstructed, The Intercept

Donald J. Trump: Nobody disobeys my orders.

Sara Olson | Apartheid for Palestinians

American aid is predicated on the supposed shared values between the United States and Israel. What are these values? Mutual disdain for Islam? Hatred and demonization of Iran? Establishment of a state religion…

Mazin Qumsiyeh | Meddling in Elections

A Palestinian perspective

WAMM: The Real Deal on the Iran Nuclear Deal

“There is no evidence anywhere that Iran had, has or will have a nuclear weapons program. Mere enrichment of uranium—something 19 other non-nuclear weapons countries do without any complaints from the US–is not tantamount to weapons manufacture.” —William Beeman

Liza Burr | Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe on Changing Perceptions: Israel/Palestine

From the article: Islam is not the issue. The issue is Israel’s human and civil rights record, on which Israel should be measured with the same yardstick by which other countries are measured.

Tomgram: Sandy Tolan, The One-State Conundrum

Tolan: In June 2010, I began to document his dream — now a reality — to build a music school in occupied Palestine. Now, his SUV bound for Sebastia is cutting through the West Bank, a land smaller than the state of Delaware but dotted with more than 600 checkpoints, earthen barriers, and other obstacles to normal travel.

Marjorie Cohn: Netanyahu, ‘Censored Voices’ and the False Narrative of Self-Defense

Cohn: The United States continues to support Israel by sending it $3 billion per year in military aid, even when Israel attacks Gaza with overwhelming firepower, as it did in the summer of 2014, killing 2,100 Palestinians (mostly civilians). Sixty-six Israeli soldiers and seven civilians were killed.

NY Demonstrators Say #No2Netanyahu While DC Protesters Rally To #ShutDownAIPAC

“One of the issues we aim to raise awareness about is Israel’s impunity against international law through its unconditional support from the United States,” Hani Ghazi, the New York-area Israeli Apartheid Week(IAW) coordinator, told MintPress News before speaking at the rally. “Netanyahu’s speech perpetuates that complicity.

Coleen Rowley: The US Support for Terrorists in Syria Is an Act of War

 TEHRAN (FNA)- Prominent American peace activist and FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley believes that the United States is violating the international law by supporting the rebels and terrorists in Syria. Interview by Kourosh Ziabari  Farsnews.com  Jun 19, 2014 According to Coleen Rowley, “the US funding and arming” of the terrorists and insurgents in the crisis-hit Syria […]

Coleen Rowley: Calls for U.S. Military Intervention in Syria Re-surfacing

Once again, R2P — responsibility to protect — is being used as a pretext for attacking Syria.    By Coleen Rowley  Foreign Policy in Focus  February 24, 2014 Homs. Image Wikimedia Commons On February 15 at FPIF Focal Points, Rob Prince wrote, “At a moment when the only viable path open to resolving the Syrian conflict lies in […]

Polly Mann> Back to School: And the Golden Rule?

Back to School: And the Golden Rule? AIPAC not only promotes Israel’s interests and the interests of other countries affecting the US-Israel relationship around the world, it also provides free trips to Israel for members of the US Congress.  By Polly Mann  August/September World Wide WAMM It looks like Mark Yudof, president of the University […]

10 Reasons Why the Israel Lobby AIPAC is so Dangerous

10 Reasons Why the Israel Lobby AIPAC is so Dangerous AIPAC undermines American support for democracy movements in the Arab world. barackobama.ir    March 5, 2012 opednews.com–The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is one of the most powerful lobby organizations in the country. AIPAC’s clout helps fuel a never-ending cycle of violence in the Middle […]

Glenn Greenwald> The “anti-Semitism” smear campaign against CAP and Media Matters rolls on

The “anti-Semitism” smear campaign against CAP and Media Matters rolls on BY GLENN GREENWALD   Salon.com [Editorial Note:  This is an amazing article.  When I first started reading it, my eyes glazed over a bit thinking it was just one of those insider media things that names a lot of media writers and essentially does not amount […]

Will Congress disrupt diplomacy? An ill-advised peace of legislation

Will Congress disrupt diplomacy? WILLIAM O. BEEMAN, Minneapolis Star Tribune Please take time to Click here to comment on this issue. In an ill-advised piece of legislation, Congress is using opposition to Iran as an excuse to attack President Obama’s executive authority. The “Iran Threat Reduction Act” (HR1905), passed on Nov. 2 by the House Foreign […]

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran Posted By Grant Smith On June 14, 2011   Antiwar.com Former AIPAC staffer Keith Weissman, indicted in 2005 under the Espionage Act alongside colleague Steven J. Rosen and Defense Department employee Col. Lawrence Franklin, is desperately worried. In a lengthy, rambling monologue delivered to independent reporter Robert Dreyfuss, Weissman breaks a long silence to declare he’s […]