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The Rhymes Media Group includes, teleSUR EnglishBlack Agenda Report,  Mint Press NewsNews Junkie PostFreedom RiderRise Up Times, and Anti-Media

Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Bernie, Congress, and other important information about the US political scene.

Media for the people!  Bringing you the best of the alternative media and original articles and videos.  Click here to help by learning more about Rise Up Times, spreading the word, and making a donation. 

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The contents of Rise Up Times do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor.

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The Rhymes Media Group covers a whole host of subjects including, but not limited to: politics, current events, military industrial complex, justice system, spiritual & religious issues, sports, education, race & ethnicity, war and peace. RMG believes, strongly, in advocacy journalism.

Advocacy journalism, is the journalism, that’s meant to make some concrete and tangible moral impact; that the voiceless and powerless, in this world, have to be represented and their issues must be aired; that corruption in high places, the 1%, Wall Street and the corporatocracy, military/intelligence industrial complex and rapists of the environment must and should be opposed.

Our roster of programs include: Rhymes Reasons, #IndependentMediaMonday, Life In The Electric Chair, The Eddie & Eze Show and The Wilderness Cry. Our programs present in-depth analysis, intelligent and thoughtful dialogue, debate & discourse – as well as – entertaining & meaningful conversation.

As an independent media entity, it’s difficult going against a corporately-owned and politically-influenced mainstream media without the support of our listeners. It is the only way we can be an effective and viable voice on the pressing issues of the day and our time. Please, support journalism and media that endeavors to support YOU.

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