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Hedges: The Greatest Evil Is War

Preemptive war, whether in Iraq or Ukraine, is a war crime. It does not matter if the war is launched on the basis of lies and fabrications, as was the case in Iraq, or because of the breaking of a series of agreements with Russia, including the promise by Washington not to extend NATO beyond the borders of a unified Germany, not to deploy thousands of NATO troops in Eastern Europe, not to meddle in the internal affairs of nations on the Russia’s border and the refusal to implement the Minsk II peace agreement. The invasion of Ukraine would, I expect, never have happened if these promises had been kept. Russia has every right to feel threatened, betrayed, and angry. But to understand is not to condone. The invasion of Ukraine, under post-Nuremberg laws, is a criminal war of aggression.

Diana Johnstone: Washington’s Green branches in Europe

The German Green Party has a chance to join a ruling coal it ion in September ’s election, after turning its back on its roots, to root for Washington. By Diana Johnstone in Paris Special to Consortium News May 3, 2021 Pervasive American influence has caused drastically deteriorating relation between Western European countries and Russia. Russia is a great nation with an important place in European history and culture. Washington’s policy is to expel Russia from Europe in order to secure its own domination o f the rest of the continent. This policy entails creating hostilities where none exist and More

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