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Gareth Porter: Iran Offers Scaled-Back Nuke Program

To seal a deal with world powers, Iran has agreed to structure its nuclear enrichment in ways only useful for generating electricity, but that still might not satisfy U.S. negotiators, writes Gareth Porter from Tehran for Inter Press Service. By Gareth Porter  ConsortiumNews.com  June 13, 2014 Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has revealed for the first time More

Gareth Porter: Trying to Scuttle Iran Nuke Talks, Again

Official Washington’s hardliners are back at it, pushing unrealistic demands about Iran’s nuclear program to ensure that a comprehensive agreement is scuttled and the military option is put back on the table, as Gareth Porter explains at Inter Press Service. By Gareth Porter  ConsortiumNews.com  May 15, 2014 As diplomats began drafting a comprehensive agreement on More

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