We need to be careful or we may end up where we’re heading so in this book we start with the idea that it’s important that we learn how to communicate, not just critically think but critically and empathically listen to each other to understand, and then we get into why understanding a history of why free expression is important… [From the transcript]

Why Americans can’t debate politics anymore

The Chris Heges Report  January 6, 2023

Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss their new book, Let’s Agree to Disagree: A Critical Thinking Guide to Communication, Conflict Management, and Critical Media Literacy.

Nolan Higdon is a lecturer in media studies and history at California State University, East Bay. Higdon sits on the boards of the Action Coalition for Media Education and Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education. He also cohosts the Along the Line podcast. He is the author of several books, including The Anatomy of Fake News and The Media and Me.

Mickey Huff is the director of Project Censored, president of the Media Freedom Foundation, co-editor of the annual Censored book series from Seven Stories Press (since 2009), co-author of United States of Distraction (City Lights, 2019), professor of social science and history at Diablo Valley College, and lecturer in communications at California State University, East Bay.

Original broadcast: The Real News Network For more of Chris’ recent work click link below: https://chrishedges.substack.com

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