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Boycott Pillsbury!

WAMM Newsletter Volume 39 Number 5 Fall II 2021

Minnesota-based General Mills owns Pillsbury, which operates a factory illegally within an Israeli settlement on militarily-occupied Palestinian land. According to the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights, this places General Mills in violation of international law: UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

A “boycott” is a nonviolent activity protected as a right by the U.S. Constitution. Use your rights! FFI:

Miradna Kharsa,

Hennepin County Not Serving ICE as Much

By Carol Masters WAMM Newsletter Volume 39 Number 5 Fall II 2021

Positive Steps: Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson has taken a positive step toward immigrant justice. In a directive issued earlier this summer, he limited the use of immigration detainer warrants to hold people in jail (Star Tribune, “Hennepin County sheriff changes approach to jail inmates with immigration issues,” by David Chanen, September 7, 2021).

The warrants, used by ICE, can no longer force people to be held unless authorities take the added step of getting a judge’s approval. The sheriff also eliminated the jail’s ICE office and does not alert ICE when undocumented people will be released.

Decriminalizing Communities Coalition, made up of over 30 community partners working at the intersection of immigrant justice and criminal justice reform, has put steady pressure on the sheriff’s office to end its cooperation with ICE. But during a meeting with Hutchinson in July, the group was told that the directive is a procedural change and not a formalized new policy.

Still, the directive offers hope to immigrants and advocates for more lasting change and true public safety.

Carol Masters is a member of WAMM’s newsletter committee.

 Also of note: There was a halt to the daily deportation of Haitians when agents on horseback charged at the immigrants on the Texas border, exposing the inhumane and racist treatment of them.

From the End Military Madness Against the Earth WAMM Committee, a slide show:


Truth is not fake news.
Justice is not fake news.

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