Attacks on Ilhan Omar and other members of “The Squad.”

Ordinarily I do not post articles with direct solicitations for donations on Rise Up Times, even though they often contain good information. Nor do I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. But because many of you are from Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, I am posting this. Whether you choose to send money or not, the extent of the attacks on Ilhan Omar needs to be understood. We in Minneapolis have elected her twice as our representative to the House of Representatives, and in her position as a Black Muslim she is a target for the racist right.

For those of you who might be reading this who are not from the Twin Cities, a reminder that District 5, which is Minneapolis, elected the first Muslim to Congress, Keith Ellison, an African American, who after serving several years in Congress is now attorney general of the State of Minnesota. Ellison also was tapped to lead the team of prosecutorswhose work resulted in Derek Chauvin being found Guilty.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of  the murder of George Floyd this week (May 25, 2021) that resulted in a worldwide response that still reverberates around the country and the world, we also understand that the greater struggle continues and takes many forms, including the attacks on Ilhan Omar and other members of  “The Squad” and internationally the Israeli attacks on Gaza and the Palestinian people.

Sue Ann Martinson, Editor
Rise Up Times

Information from Justice Democrats:

We’re not surprised that the powerful hawkish lobbying group AIPAC launched Facebook ads attacking Ilhan Omar. Ilhan Omar has been a leading voice in Congress, speaking out against war, but her identity as a Black Muslim woman — and her advocacy on behalf of the Palestinian people — makes her the target of these Islamophobic far-right attacks.

Here’s one of the dangerous AIPAC ads running on Facebook:

AIPAC Attack

These attacks aren’t just political. AIPAC’s previous attacks contributed to an environment of ongoing personal harassment and death threats from the far-right. Will you stand with Ilhan and rush a donation right now to Justice Democrats as we help fight back against these attacks?

And it isn’t just Ilhan they are going after. For too long, AIPAC has had a stranglehold on American foreign policy. At their last conference, they hosted several Islamophobic speakers — even one pastor who accused President Obama of being Muslim. As Justice Democrats are standing up against the far-right Israeli government, AIPAC is attacking the Squad:

AIPAC ads targeting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

AIPAC targets Ilhan and other members of the Squad because they are afraid of the power of our movement. They know that Justice Democrats will keep fighting for human rights, and enduring peace and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians.

Your support will send a message to AIPAC that our movement for peace and justice in Israel-Palestine will not be silenced. Will you join us by making a donation today?

Help us defend Ilhan Omar from Islamaphobic smears with a donation right now

In solidarity,
Justice Democrats

Do not worry if you cannot afford to make a contribution — we understand that this is a difficult time. If you’re struggling, you can find a food bank here. We appreciate everything you do to keep our movement strong.

Please stay informed and follow the most up-to-date recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and your state public health department.


Truth is not fake news.
Justice is not fake news.

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By Published On: May 22nd, 2021Comments Off on Ilhan Omar is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!

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