Scholar Henry Giroux on Gun Violence and Administration Agendas

How should we think about the recent gun violence in Parkland, Florida? Alan Ruff interviews Henry Giroux

How do we understand the ascent of Donald Trump as part of a longer trend? What does the coming administration portend? And what is the way forward? Thursday host Allen Ruff is in conversation with radical social critic and educator Henry Giroux.

Professor Giroux currently holds the Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest in the English and Cultural Studies Department and the Paulo Freire Distinguished Scholar in Critical Pedagogy at McMaster University.

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  1. sir I want reseach articals on trustbuilding for peace maintenance if u have plz send me


    1. If you wish to contact Henry Giroux he has a facebook page and you could send him a note there. If you are not on facebook his website is

      Rise Up Times has a whole series of articles on organizing posted under the link NONVIOLENT ORGANIZING FOR ACTION AND CHANGE found at the top of that includes some articles on building trust as well as many articles on organizing strategies.

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