Chomsky: Antifa, Bringing Violence and Playing into the Alt-Right’s Hands

Lots of controversy about this centering around violence vs. nonviolence and also free speech. Re free speech, I, one of many, am not willing to throw the Constitution out the window. Especially the Bill of Rights, even though in many ways they are desiccated. Read your history: one major tactic of Hitler was seizing the press. As someone said, the counterprotesters may have the moral high ground and it seems a no brainer, but what if the shoe were on the other foot and the alt-right had all the positive press and our voices and rights were totally silenced because free speech was abrogated.

Rise Up Times

Calling out hard-left group Antifa’s extremist ideology and aggressive tactics, Noam Chomsky noted: “When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win — and we know who that is.” Is Antifa handing the fascists the pretext they’ve been looking for?   

Noam Chomsky (pictured in 2012), who lives in the blue state of Massachusetts, said he would vote for Hillary Clinton if he lived in a swing state such as Ohio. | AP Photo

MINNEAPOLIS – On August 12th, New York Times writer Sheryl Gay Stolberg found herself heavily berated on social media for her reporting on the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Stolberg, however, had done nothing to buoy the case for the white nationalist or racist elements in motion that day. Her “crime” was instead to suggest that “the hard left seemed as hate-filled as the alt-right” during demonstrations that claimed one life and injured dozens more.

While Stolberg may have been maligned for casting a critical eye on the “hard left,” particularly the controversial group…

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