How Donald Trump Will Destroy Capitalism: Chris Hedges Explains (Video)

Some comments by Hedges: An avalanche of absurdities.  No one challenges corporate power. A campaign to marginalize reality. Dominate our lives as it reconfigures reality…process that erodes the power of the rational over time. A warped perception of the world. Totalitarian movements conjure up a lying world of consistency…

Totalitarian propaganda: shut the masses off from the real world. This assault on fact, on truth, on reality is empowered by the loss of credibility of our democratic institutions and has thrown the country into an existential as well as economic crisis.

Revolt is surges up from below. Politics is a game of fear. A critical mass and a militancy that forced the centers of power to respond. Only when power is threatened does it react. The moment we rise up to defy radical evil we are victorious. Let us love our neighbors as ourselves.


Published May 29, 2017


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