Nuclear weapons are the only weapons of mass destruction not yet prohibited under international law, despite their imminent danger and their inhumane and indiscriminate nature. 


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First Issue 2017
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Featured articles:

WAMM Campaign to Ban Nuclear WeaponsImage result for ban nuclear weapons
Call to Action written by Marie Braun of the WAMM End War Committee
Countering McCarthyism: The Struggle Continues
an Interview with Lee Ross
By Linda J. Hoover
The War for Hearts and Memes
By Mary Beaudoin
The Mystery of Menwith Hill
By Mary Beaudoin
PM: Following the Clues
By Polly Mann
Victories, Pushbacks, Daring Deeds, and Other Signs of Hope
Why WAMM continues with its work: to stop this from happening!

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The statements and opinions reflected in this newsletter are the views of the author and not necessarily official positions of WAMM. We encourage a diversity of opinion to represent the range of perspectives that coexist under the banner of WAMM’s mission statement.

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