Evergreene Digest | How a Group of Catholic Pacifists Took on the Nuclear State

A review of Plowshares: Protest, Performance, and Religious Identity in the Nuclear Age ~ Kristen Tobey   

Eric C. Miller, Religion Dispatches   

September 7, 2016 | Over the past four decades, a small group of Catholic activists has worked to symbolically disarm nuclear weapons. These activists have made headlines—and, in many cases, served prison sentences.

Abolish Nuclear WeaponsPlowshares activism was launched in 1980 by Daniel and Philip Berrigan, the duo of brother-priests previously known for their opposition to the Vietnam War. A select group of radical clergy and dedicated laypeople, the Plowshares have challenged the national security apparatus wielding little more than wire-cutters, hammers, prayers, and bottles of their own blood.

In “Plowshares: Protest, Performance, and Religious Identity in the Nuclear Age,” Kristen Tobey examines the methods of Plowshares activists, and she dives into their devout, dramatic, and often perplexing work.

Eric C. Miller  is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. A regular contributor at Religion Dispatches <http://religiondispatches.org&gt;, his research area sits amid religious rhetoric and public advocacy.

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