Amy Goodman on How the Media Is Ruining the 2016 Election by Focusing on ‘Trump-land’ (Video)

“We need a media that covers power, not covers for power”  April 27, 2016

If you’ve been near a television, computer or newspaper over the past six months, you know it’s impossible to escape media coverage of Donald Trump. Beyond mere annoyance, this avalanche of attention has created a serious problem in media accountability.

Amy Goodman on AJ+ (via Facebook)

Amy Goodman, host of  “Democracy Now!”, argues that the 24/7 Trump coverage is ruining the election. “We need a media that covers power, not covers for power,” she says, noting the imbalance in election coverage among the candidates in this year’s presidential race.

Watch the video below to hear Goodman’s full argument:

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  1. Unfortunately, the coverage on Trump is all twisted against him. I tend to watch the full speeches, read the candidate website descriptions of their policies, and review history about the candidates. In doing this, it is obvious that Trump would be superior than the others in assisting Americans and America. Shame on the media!


  2. Such a great quote. If you a can, do you mind re-blogging my recent post about media? I promise you it’s a short read. thanks!


    1. Please feel free to post yourself on the Rise Up Times Facebook page or on my personal page.
      Sue Ann Martinson

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