According to a recent poll, almost half of Americans distrust the mainstream media, which the MintPress News editor-in-chief believes is because “the media is lying to us.”

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Fox news Channel's Sean Hannity campaigns on behalf of of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.March 18, 2016, in Phoenix.

WASHINGTON — Trust in the mainstream media has reached dramatic lows, and MintPress News’ founder and editor-in-chief believes it’s because “the media is lying to us.”

Mnar Muhawesh appeared on RT’s “Watching the Hawks” on April 22, where she told hosts Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace that the general public is right to grow wary of the mainstream media. “Accuracy in reporting is gone,” Muhawesh suggested.

Two recent reports highlight the modern media’s struggle for accuracy and relevancy.

On April 20, Reporters Without Borders released its annual “World Press Freedom Index.” The United States was ranked 41, up from 49 last year, but still far behind other developed nations, including the top-ranking countries of Finland, Netherlands, and Norway. Our neighbor to the north, Canada, also ranked higher at 18.

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“This has become an era of propaganda, especially under the Obama administration,” warned Muhawesh,paraphrasing from the report itself.

Explaining the United States’ low ranking, Reporters Without Borders cited “the government’s war on whistleblowers who leak information about its surveillance activities, spying and foreign operations, especially those linked to counter-terrorism.” The group also warned that the U.S. lacks a “shield law” which would protect reporters from being forced to reveal their sources.

“For anybody that cares about press freedom or democracy, this should concern them,” said Muhawesh. “This has set a very dangerous precedent on our press freedom.”

And on April 18, the Associated Press reported on Americans’ waning confidence in the mainstream media, as demonstrated by a joint study between the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute.

“Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public’s view of other institutions,” according to the AP.

On “Watching the Hawks,” Muhawesh praised the American public’s growing awareness of the mainstream media’s bias, noting that just six corporations control the majority of American news reporting. “We don’t have a mainstream media, we have a very extremist media beating the drums of war,” she said.

Ventura and Wallace also asked Muhawesh to comment on congressional efforts to release the 28 classified pages of the censored from the 9/11 Commission Report. Muhawesh described herself as skeptical: “Our politicians are once again trying to show us that they care about 9/11.”

She also noted that U.S. support for Saudi Arabia has helped sustain the kingdom, but its economy is failing nonetheless. The International Monetary Fund warned in January that the Gulf Kingdom’s economy could collapse by 2020.

Between increasing economic instability and a growing awareness of the possible Saudi role in 9/11 as well as its war crimes, Muhawesh says Saudi Arabia’s close friendship with the U.S. can’t last forever.

“I think that relationship is actually coming to an end,” she said. “The petrodollar is going to collapse completely.”

Watch “Mass Media Fails & Unredacting the 28 Pages” from RT’s “Watching the Hawks”:


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