These articles address the state of the current prison system in the United States taking on the concepts of innocence vs. a rigged system in the courts and likening the labor of prisoners to an American Slave System, the school-to-prison system, corporate-owned prisons for profit, and more.

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Protesters Highlight Bill Clinton’s Legacy of Expanding Mass Incarceration

The Real News Network  April 8, 2016

Writer Yvette Carnell responds to Bill Clinton’s comments to protesters: “You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter”


National Prison Strike Campaign Vows to End ‘American Slave System’

By Eric Ortiz  April 2, 2016

Original caption (1836): “Franklin & Armfield’s Slave Prison.” Franklin & Armfield was a Virginia slave trading firm. (American Anti-Slavery Society)

Starting Sept. 9, prisoners in the United States will begin a coordinated effort to shut down prisons across the country. They plan to stop working in correctional institutions. Without prisoners doing their jobs, these facilities cannot be run. According to Support Prisoner Resistance, the nationwide prisoner work stoppage will serve as a protest against prison slavery, the school-to-prison pipeline, police terror and post-release controls. (Click on title above to read the full article.)


Happy Endings and Innocence: Media Myths of Mass Incarceration

Tuesday, 05 April 2016
By Jared Ball, The Real News Network | Video Interview


JARED BALL, TRNN: Welcome, everyone, back to the Real News Network. I’m Jared Ball here in Baltimore. In a new piece published by, our next guest, author James Kilgore, takes on pop culture and its impact on how we understand mass incarceration, particularly the widely popular podcast about a murder case here in Maryland, “Serial,” and the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. Of course, Kilgore’s approach here stands to reason, given that he is a former political prisoner, educator, activist and author of the book Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People’s Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time. Welcome, James Kilgore, to the Real News Network. (Click on TRANSCRIPT above to read the full interview.)


A Little Improvement For Lives on the Inside
5 Prisons Building Hope Behind Bars


Angela Davis and Fania Davis: When Revolution is a Sister Act


The following articles are from Moyers & Company over a span of several years and include Moyer’s interview with Michelle Alexander.

Land of the Free? US Has 25 Percent of the World’s Prisoners

Dec 16, 2013 About 10 percent of America’s prisoners are housed in the federalcorrectionssystem. Last week, the Justice Department’s Office of the …

These Five Corporations Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration

Jan 21, 2015 They hold or have held food contracts with state prison systemsin Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio as well as with …

Prison, Inc. | Spotlight |

For Black males in their thirties, 1 in every 10 is in prison or jail on any given day. … In this collection, we look at our prison system as the new Jim Crow and the …

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool |

Mar 31, 2014 The school-to-prison pipeline, to my mind, is the most insidious arm of … But it’s the logical result of a system dedicated to ensuring inequality …

Report: “Low-Crime Tax” Keeps For-Profit PrisonsProfitable

Sep 20, 2013 A new report reveals how the for-profit prison industry is working the system to ensure money flows in whether crime is up or down.

Segment: Michelle Alexander — Locked Out of America | Moyers

Dec 20, 2013 After civil rights lawyer Michelle Alexander published her book The New Jim Crow in 2010 on our dehumanizing system of incarceration, she …

How a Bogus, Industry-Funded Study Helped Spur a Privatization

Jul 17, 2014 Case in point: Officials in Michigan are already regretting a recent move to privatize food services for inmates in the state’s prison system.

Clip: Henry Giroux on the “School-to-PrisonPipeline” |

Nov 22, 2013 Clip: Henry Giroux on the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” … are stripped of their powers, in schools with disciplinary systems that resemblprisons.

Higher Profits Explain Why There Are More People of Color in

Feb 7, 2014 Petrella looked at the nine states with private prison populations …. the systems that turn those common tendencies into a system of abuse, …

Why Cutting Down Jail Time is Key to Fighting Poverty | BillMoyers

Aug 22, 2014 The Jeff Davis overpass overlooks at the Orleans Parish Prison. … Many of us who work in the criminal justice system have come to understand …
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