Evergreene Digest: Wars, Refugees And The Complete Lack Of Leadership Everywhere

  • If Obama had demonstrated real leadership … I think the countdown to catastrophe for Syria, the region and possibly the whole world could have been stopped.
  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII

Alan Hart, Countercurrents

16 September, 2015 | As the worst refugee crisis since World War II and one with the potential to overwhelm Europe as well as Lebanon and Jordan was gathering momentum (as it still is), the headline over an article in The New York Times by Roger Cohen was Obama’s Syrian Nightmare. Cohen’s opening shot was, “Syria will be the biggest blot on the Obama presidency, a debacle of staggering proportions.”

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On the same day Patrick Cockburn said in an article in The Independent that “the mass flight of people  will go on as long as the war in Syria and Iraq continues.” (He also noted that there were civil wars in nine Islamic countries and that “none of them show any sign of ending.”)

Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent. He is author of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews

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A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII, Ben Norton, Mondoweiss

  • The struggles of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere, for the moment, seem to not be given much attention as the media focuses on refugees from Syria and as the international community tries to grapple with the largest refugee crisis since World War II. 
  • Read This Before the Media Uses a Drowned Refugee Boy to Start Another War
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