Mary Beaudoin> Syria: the Mediterranean Piece


Rise Up Times

What’s left out when the U.S. talks about Syria is that it is in a key position for exporting natural gas. Adding weapons to the region makes it explosive.

by Mary Beaudoin   July 2013  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter

We know that the Syrian people have suffered terribly from the violence that has erupted. Undeniably many factors are involved. But are we in the West to believe that the people need to be rescued by us so that they, too, can come to enjoy the democratic rights that U.S. citizens appear to have less and less of every day? Or is something else going on there?

What’s Missing from This Picture

When Washington, corporate media, or pundits address Syria, they neglect to mention that Syria is situated on the eastern Mediterranean in a key position with regard to natural gas—and its export to the world.

Although NATO…

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