Starhawk: Fifty Shades of Racism 

A bit different take on racism from the usual. Sensitive and powerful.

Rise Up Times

Racism is structural, not just personal.  It’s embedded in the very fabric of our society, with deep roots in history.  Prejudice is Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown in Ferguson and leaving him on the sidewalk to die. Racism is that he gets away with it, unindicted.

starhawkBy Starhawk  July 14, 2015

The Inuit, I’ve heard, have fifty different words for snow, presumably because they have a lot of it!  When something is omnipresent, we need language to help us distinguish the subtleties.  For that same reason, we need more than one term for talking about racism, which is as omnipresent in the US as snow in the pre-global-warming Arctic.  Clarity about the subtle distinctions and forms that racism takes can aid the effectiveness of all who are working for a world of justice.

Racism, and its cousins sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism and all the rest of the…

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