According to a new report produced by the New America Foundation (NAF), right-wing extremists are more dangerous and deadly when compared to Islamic domestic terrorism.

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Susanne Posel  Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism  June 25, 2015

Charles Kurzman, professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, co-authored the study into anti-government groups and white supremacist organizations.

The data showed that Americans killed domestically in Islamic related “jihadist attacks” totaled 26; however the number of US citizens murdered in “right-wing attacks” nearly doubled.

David Schanzer, associate professor of the practice at the Stanford School of Public Policy, teamed up with Kurzman to conduct research on how police departments “rank the 3 biggest threats from violent extremism in their jurisdiction.”

The study explained that law enforcement agencies reported concerns about right-wing groups 74% of the time; as compared to reporting Islamic extremists only 39% of the time.

Kurzman said: “Muslim extremism was taken seriously in many of these jurisdictions that we surveyed… but overall, they did not see as much of an issue with Muslim extremism as with right-wing extremism in their locations. It’s hard to get a definitive statistical picture of plots and acts of violent extremism since that definition tends to vary and data for incidents nationwide is hard to come by.”

For disclosure, the NAF is a Washington, DC – based think-tank founded in 1999 in order to represent the values of “the radical center” to influence public policy “outside of party politics” by employing a cultivation of next generation “policy leaders sympathetic” to the organization’s philosophy.

A portion of the members of the NAF are also board members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), including:

• David Bradley, owner of Atlantic Media Company
• James Fallows, journalist for the Atlantic Monthly; former editor of US News and World Report
• Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs
• Fareed Zakaria, host for CNN, columnist for Newsweek and the Washington Post
• Richard Medley, chief political advisor to the Soros Fund Management

Fellows of the NAF include:

• Peter Beinart, former editor of the New Republic
• Peter Bergen, national security analyst for CNN
• Parag Khanna, former fellow with the Brookings Institution and former foreign policy advisor to the 2008 Barack Obama for President campaign

Funding for the NAF has been provided by:

• Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Carnegie Corporation of New York
• Exxon-Mobil Corporation
• Ford Foundation
• Google
• H&R Block
• Intel
• Lockheed Martin
• Microsoft
• Rockefeller Foundation

Published on Jan 17, 2015

“rEVILution: The Rise of the Right-Wing Terrorism REDUX.” Featuring: Alex Jones, David Duke, Rachel Maddow, Mark Potok, Mike Papantonio, Noam Chosmky, Ed Schultz, Don Black, Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ted Nugent, Lawrence O’Donnell, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, and many more.

Since the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, the number of right-wing so called “Patriot” militia groups has increased eight-fold, and the number of right-wing terrorist plots has skyrocketed. According the West Point Counterterrorism Agency, there have been more right-wing terror plots since 9/11 than Islamic terror plots. This documentary the rise of extremism and hate in the right-wing in the Obama era.

Reich-Wing Watch

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