Evergreene Digest: |Uri Avnery, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb? and Gareth Porter, The Good Adversary

  • Let’s assume that (Iran) did develop nuclear weapons, (Avnery) says, so what? It’s an important thought experiment. –Rabbi Michael Lerner
  • America’s 30-year Cold War with Iran: Manufacturing A Good Adversary

Uri Avnery, Network of Spiritual Progressives

April 4, 2015 | I must start with a shocking confession: I am not afraid of the Iranian nuclear bomb.

I know that this makes me an abnormal person, almost a freak.

But what can I do? I am unable to work up fear, like a real Israeli. Try as I may, the Iranian bomb does not make me hysterical.

Uri Anveri is the leader of the Israeli peace movement Gush Shalom.

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America’s 30-year Cold War with Iran: Manufacturing A Good Adversary, Gareth Porter, Washington Spectator

  • The U.S. will ensure Iran will remain an adversary even if a nuclear agreement is reached. The false nuclear weapons narrative is the latest episode in the long-running drama of U.S. enmity toward Iran, which began three decades ago when Iran took U.S. diplomats hostage after the U.S. gave asylum to the Shah. Despite many other opportunities for cooperation, this cold war will continue solely because the U.S. has a vested interest in demonizing Iran.
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