▶ Mark Fiore: Brian Williams and the Frog of War

In light of NBC’s Brian Williams’ recent scandal, Mark Fiore reminds viewers that there are “a lot bigger weapons of misremembering destruction out there.” Watch Fiore’s new animation on the incident and read about his inspiration below.

 By Mark Fiore  truthdig.com  February 12, 2015

Just click on the blue with white lettering “watch on vimeo” to view the video.

Mark Fiore’s comments:

Sure, it boggles my mind how Brian Williams could embellish and “misremember” an event like his helicopter ride in Iraq years ago, but the firestorm around his imagined combat experience is inordinately fierce compared to the relative silence around all of the other Iraq War-era ‘misrememberings, journalistic and otherwise.

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Remember the networks’ “military analysts” who were part of a coordinated Pentagon propaganda campaign to sell the war, who personally profited from defense contracts at the same time? I don’t remember any higher-ups in the media or the military getting fired or suspended because of that shameful episode.

I think the “fog of war” as an excuse should be left for the people who are actually fighting the war. You know, the ones who may actually experience fog, dust and obscured vision. (Not to mention traumatic brain injuries and PTSD.) The rear echelon politicians, cheerleaders and war planners seem to have another sort of selective memory, that’s where the Frog of War comes in. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to check out the links behind the cartoon.

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