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And the Eric Garner verdict: Link here.

Jon Stewart returned from break tonight to tackle the response to Ferguson, and dwelled not on the grand jury decision itself, but on the reaction to the decision, especially on Fox News. Stewart thought non-violence protesters were just “speaking out against systemic injustice,” but didn’t get that listening to a lot of the TV news commentary. jon Stewart argued Michael Brown is more than an isolated incident and all these people wouldn’t be wasting time “protesting a non-existent problem.” He mocked the idea that these people were egged on by “racial arsonists.” Sean Hannity in particular invoked President Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton.

Jon Stewart Tears into Ferguson Response, Rips Fox News for ‘Race Plagiarism’
jon Stewart asked, “Are those the three people responsible or did you just name the only three black guys you could think of?”

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But what really got to Stewart was Fox blaming a victim mentality when, as he pointed out, Fox creates a mentality of persecution and victimization aimed at its conservative audience on a daily basis. And so, he concluded, maybe the crime isn’t “race pimping or race arson, it’s race plagiarism.”

Jon Stewart Tears into Ferguson Response, Rips Fox News for ‘Race Plagiarism’

Watch the video via Comedy Central:
Jon Stewart speaks On Ferguson Grand Jury Decision. Jon Stewart comments ont heFerguson Protests and fox news reaction to those protests in ferguson, jon stewart on fergsuon protests and fox news instigation. jon stewart blames fpx news for blaming obama, holder, and sharpton the only 3 black guys they know for race problems in america


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