Don’t Claim to Support the Troops If You Agree With Obama Sending 3,100 Soldiers to Iraq

  • If fighting terror means perpetual war, then we’ve already lost and our soldiers will ultimately be the ones who pay the greatest price. President Obama, and 40% of the American people, are making a terrible mistake by focusing more upon beheading videos than the psychological, emotional, and physical toll that Iraq has inflicted upon our soldiers. The U.S. military will do anything it’s asked to do to defend America, therefore we have a responsibility to ensure that we don’t ask the impossible.
  • Iraq: Here come the boots, ignoring the consequences
  • How Many Muslim Countries Has the US Bombed or Occupied Since 1980?

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H. A. Goodman, Huffington Post

11/10/2014 | The title of this article isn’t aimed at American soldiers, veterans, or their families. If you are a member of the 7.4 million Americans alive today who served in Vietnam, or the 2.5 million Americans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the 1.6 million female veterans, or any part of the over 21 million veterans living in the U.S., then you’ve earned the right to view military issues in any manner you wish. However, the vast majority of the 316 million citizens of this country (including me) have never experienced the psychological trauma of killing an enemy, barely surviving an IED, or witnessing the death of a close friend on a foreign battlefield.

Therefore, this article is a philosophical challenge to the average American who hasn’t served in the military yet respects America’s soldiers and their sacrifice. If you can correlate the phrase “Support the Troops” with President Obama’s recent decision to send 1,500 more soldiers to Iraq (bringing the total to 3,100 American soldiers in a war zone we left in 2011), then the semantics behind this phrase seems to possess a contradictory meaning in our country.

H. A. Goodman: Columnist and journalist published in, The Hill’s Congress Blog, and other publications. Author of Logic of Demons

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Iraq: Here come the boots, ignoring the consequences, Mike Prysner and James Circello, ANSWER Coalition
Just like that, those year-long Iraq deployments are back


How Many Muslim Countries Has the US Bombed or Occupied Since 1980? Glenn Greenwald, the Intercept

  • The sheer casualness with which Obama yesterday called for a new AUMF is reflective of how central, how commonplace, violence and militarism are in the U.S.’s imperial management of the world.
  • Happy Halloween from the Most Violent Ruling Class in Human History
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