Evergreene Digest: Halloween Costumes Are Sexualizing Our Youngest Trick-Or-Treaters

While the boys have costumes that look like the real thing, girls are expected to dress up in spoof ensembles, thus suggesting they can’t, or shouldn’t, do the real job. The costumes are not only “sexy,” they’re also sexist.

Enforcing School Dress Codes Teaches Girls to be Ashamed, Not ‘Modest’

Raina Delisle, Huffington Post <http://www.huffingtonpost.ca&gt;

10/18/2014 | My four-year-old wants to be a firefighter for Halloween. She also wants to be Elsa and a strawberry, but let’s focus on firefighter. In search of the perfect costume, we went to Value Village: “Your Halloween destination for the whole family.”

We quickly located a firefighter costume for boys, complete with a bright red jacket, a traditional helmet and an axe. The girls’ version, on the other hand, is a skin-tight, short, shiny dress that’s surely flammable. It includes a fascinator (in lieu of a helmet) never before seen on a real firefighter.

Raina Delisle: Writer, Communications Consultant

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Enforcing School Dress Codes Teaches Girls to be Ashamed, Not ‘Modest’ Jessica Valenti, Guardian (UK) / AlterNet

Everyday school dress codes disproportionately target, shame, and punish girls – especially girls who are more developed than their peers.

Teen Girl Kicked Out Of Prom So Her Dress Wouldn’t Lead Boys To ‘Think Impure Thoughts’

Full story … http://evergreenedigest.org/enforcing-school-dress-codes-teaches-girls-be-ashamed-not-modest

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