Evergreene Digest: 1 in 4 vets of Iraq, Afghanistan wars visiting Minneapolis VA need food help

Study author Rachel Widome: “The estimates for the costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq range between $4 and $6 trillion. They went on for over a decade. I just think it’s unconscionable that such a sizeable proportion of our military that we sent to fight these wars are struggling to afford food.”

Susan Perry, MinnPost

05/08/14 | A stunning 27 percent of U.S. military veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have difficulty putting food on their tables, according to a study published online Thursday by researchers at the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System.

That percentage is substantially higher than the already disturbing 14.5 percent of all American households that are similarly “food insecure,” or unable to reliably access sufficient amounts or quality of food to be healthy.

Susan Perry writes Second Opinion for MinnPost, covering consumer health. She has written several health-related books and her articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Minnesota M.

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  1. Sidney Boots · ·

    Did anyone else notice?? those who stated they did not have enough money for food were the same ones, according to study author, most likely to be binge drinking and smoking cigarettes…if that money was directed toward quality food…just sayin’


  2. Do you know about PTSD? Just sayin’ It is not simple being a Vet. I am not one either. Their suicide rates are high, even among Vietnam Vets after all these years.


  3. I’ll accept an apology from you for your disparaging remarks about why 1 in 4 vets who go to the Minneapolis VAMC need help with food because they binge drink or smoke cigarettes. I’m blessed to work pretty closely with the community of Minneapolis VAMC homeless vets and, while a small handful may binge drink and smoke cigarettes, the majority of them are doing their best with the meager help they get. You, Sir, have done considerable disservice to this population of vulnerable people and those of us who are trying to improve their lot. If I was your mother, I’d wash out your filthy word processor with soap!


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