TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay says we have to create local TV news that engages millions of people in finding solutions to the critical problems of our time

This well-taken point about local media and worth watching. The statistics he cites re how people get their news reinforce the need for net neutrality, as the corporate media raise prices on the internet and practice a form of racism and discrimination against low-income people with their tiered subscription plans and their attempting to block certain posts they do not like.  The corporate mainstream media dominates even local news. 

Rise Up Times does not usually publish money solicitations, but the first part of the video commentary re local media is well worth watching, and he ends with a pitch for their spring campaign so it is just attached as part of the video.[youtube=]

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By Published On: May 9th, 2014Comments Off on ▶ Paul Jay: Break the Monopoly on Local TV News

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