▶ Mark Fiore: Bestest Friends, Featuring Knuckles and Snuggly

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Senator Dianne Feinstein’s condemnation of CIA spying marked both a low and high point for the U.S. government. Finally, someone in office is angry enough at the privacy violations occurring daily in the United States to publicly denounce a spy agency’s actions. Mark Fiore weighs in on what Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer calls “a truly historic moment” in his latest animation, “Bestest Friends,” which you can watch below the animator’s introductory blog post.

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 Bestest Friends

By Mark Fiore   truthdig.org   Posted on Mar 20, 201

You know things have gone a little too far when Dianne Feinstein goes after the CIA. In case you missed it amidst all the disappearing plane speculation, there is a major CIA vs. Congress story going on right now. It seems that Dianne Feinstein finally thinks domestic surveillance has gone too far once it’s targeted her Senate Intelligence Committee staffers. To be fair, this isn’t just another NSA surveillance program that finally raised the senator’s hackles. The story goes way back to the Bush torture days. Remember the torture tapes that were destroyed? Well, that triggered investigations that have been grinding along until the spat between the Senate and the CIA blew up. The CIA, being the CIA, decided the best way to handle the problem was to search (snoop) the Senate Intelligence Committee computers. The story has more twists and turns that I touch on in the cartoon, but in a nutshell: the CIA has been spying on the Senate. Or, to put it another way, an intelligence agency has been spying on the branch of government that is supposed to be overseeing it. Not good. I guess the silver lining in something so bad for Democracy is that I had an excuse to bring Knuckles and Snuggly the Security Bear together in the same cartoon. It was only a matter of time . . .


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