Henry Giroux: Radical Democracy Against Cultures of Violence

“America has not only lost its moral compass, but any vestige of credibility in its alleged support for equality, freedom, justice and democracy itself. The United States is not a banana republic, as some critics claim, but much worse. It has become the enemy of democracy and a symbol of the new authoritarianism.”

Rise Up Times

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.                                                                 Nelson Mandela

by Henry A. Giroux  January 7, 2014  PhilosophersforChange.orgmand1

Guy Debord once argued that the spectacle suggests society’s desire for sleep.[1] He was enormously prescient, and his words and work are more important today than when they were first written. The spectacle has been energized and reworked under the forces of neoliberalism and now promotes a mix of infantilism, brutality, disposability and lawlessness. As the visibility of extreme violence is endlessly reproduced in various cultural apparatuses and screen cultures, it functions increasingly, alongside a range of other economic and political forces, to legitimate a culture of cruelty and disposability in everyday life. Pleasure is…

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  1. Maybe if the “Left” hadn’t spent the last 50 yrs trashing Marxism Leninism we wouldn’t be in the predicament we now are in as described by H. Giroux. We would have the radical movement he says is needed. Even Giroux dances around ever using the word communism which is the name of the democracy he says is needed.


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