Video> FAIR TV: Bradley Manning, Afghan Atrocity, David Gregory’s Phony Gotcha

fairreporting fairreporting

Published June 7, 2013

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  1. Hi,

    I’m not quite sure of what to do with this thought. Do you think it has a place anywhere?

    Whistleblow! The campaign “I am Bradley Manning” is a good start to demonstrating they can’t arrest us all, but runs the risk of being, or being seen as, empty words. And isn’t publicizing a list of (some of) our names playing into the hands, to some extent? We can’t stop the fact that we are spied upon, and that the powerful run the courts, but we do still have a jury system, and some alternative media to communicate with those not thoroughly zombified by the mass media. So here’s a suggestion, declare yourself a whistleblower- not to the world, but to yourself. Choose a token to remind yourself: a rubber band on your wrist, a lucky pebble in your pocket, and do it! Help make a nation where Manning is an outstanding example of a completely normal activity. If more than half of every jury remembered a time when the heart beat harder because of a decision to provide true information where it was needed, we could turn this whistleblower bashing around. Remember that whistleblowing is not simple tattling. It never applies if you profit from sharing information. It only applies when secrecy empowers the already powerful, at the expense of the less so. So think about your life, find an example there, and fix it. It’s probably best to start small, with things that you will almost certainly get away with, and your success will empower someone else to do the same. Let’s make it clear that leaks are the rule and not the exception, and that the truth will out.

    Best regards, Penny Vos

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