This Week: Media in an Unjust World  Number 517
November 19, 2012

 “Quote” of the Week: “Sweeping Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security”
 Bonus “Quote” of the Week: “The New Normal for Our Youth.”
 The Voter Empowerment Act: Now in the Senate
 Nygaard Notes Methodology
 Media and the Just World Theory
 Blaming the Victims
 Dehumanizing the Victims
Nygaard Notes
Independent Periodic News and Analysis
Number 518, November 27, 2012

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This week: Media in a Just World, Part Two

1.  “Quote” of the Week: “Funders like That Brand of Guts”

2.  It’s For Their Own Good

3.  Denial and Avoidance

4.  Media Discourages Action

5.  Just World Theory and the Media: Conclusions


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