Nygaard Notes> Social Security. And Drones

Nygaard Notes
Independent Periodic News and Analysis
Number 514, September 21, 2012

On the Web at http://www.nygaardnotes.org/


1.  “Quote” of the Week: “This Would Have Been Unthinkable”

2.  Drones: “Killing Untold Numbers of Real People”

3.  The Most Fundamental Misunderstanding About Social Security


Now available on the Web at http://www.nygaardnotes.org/

— DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE ATTACK ON VOTING RIGHTS THAT IS UNDERWAY IN THE UNITED STATES? Learn about it by reading Nygaard Notes Number 503: http://www.nygaardnotes.org/issues/nn0503.html See how widespread the problem is—nationwide—here: http://www.brennancenter.org/content/resource/2012_summary_of_voting_law_changes/ In Minnesota, visit Take Action Minnesota: http://www.takeactionminnesota.org/ OR Our Vote Our Future: http://www.ourvoteourfuture.org/ — Jeff Nygaard National Writers Union Twin Cities Local #13 UAW Nygaard Notes http://www.nygaardnotes.org

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