Video> Thom Hartmann> NYPD spying on Muslims turns up 0 leads after 6 years!

NYPD spying on Muslims turns up 0 leads after 6 years!

Racism in America

Published on Aug 22, 2012 by 

Gadeir Abbas, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) joins Thom Hartmann. Despite spying on Muslims in New York City for 6 years – the NYPD has yet to turn up a solid lead on any threat from Islamic terrorists. Has this program – along with anti-Muslim advocates – caused Americans to fear – and hate – the Muslim community?

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  1. This is because the authorities already know who the real terrorist are as they are intelligence assets of the US and UK
    Muslims are as peaceful and law-abiding as any other group in society.


  2. holly homan · ·

    This is just happening to distract us fromo the real terrorists who are citizens of this country, but are busy trying to suppress voter rights, take away good-paying jobs to turn us all into slaves, all in the name of making more money for the 1% that they represent


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