Out of Pocket

  • Costs of War Passed Directly to City and County

  • Our Taxes Pay for This?

  • Tea Baggers, Fundamentalists, and Other American Dumbasses of the New Millennium

  • A new front in the war on public employees

Rowland Lane Anderson, Santa Barbara (CA) Independent

Submitted by David Culver

When the federal government takes our employees, should they be responsible for the cost to our community?

In 2009, when I ran for Santa Barbara City Council, I was present for budget discussions where Police Chief Cam Sanchez explained that one of the difficulties of the previous years was the cost of unfunded federal mandates that applied upon the activation and deployment of reservists and National Guard who are part of the city’s police force. He had up to four cops out at a time! City Attorney Steve Wiley outlined for me the mandates and associated costs: The city is required to hold the positions open, causing overtime for the remaining officers. Also, the rules mandate pension continuity (so, no savings there). Additionally, the city pays a salary differential so that a private will not lose the house he bought as a city police officer.

Full story…

Our Taxes Pay for This? Jeff Cohen, RootsAction

  • In Obama’s proposed 2013 budget, military spending will become 57% of discretionary spending. This drains our economy, endangers our country, strips our civil liberties, demolishes our natural environment, and kills many people, including innocent civilians.

  • Tell President Obama and Congress to cut military spending.

Tea Baggers, Fundamentalists, and Other American Dumbasses of the New Millennium, Mickey Walker, TPJ Magazine
You won’t find evidence of…notable Tea Bagger big whigs like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, and now Christine O’Donnell ranting in outrage at government borrowing and spending on wars and on what they think to be God’s work, now will you?

A new front in the war on public employees, Todd Chretien, SocialistWorker.org

  • San Diego, San Jose voters embrace public employees’ pension cuts

  • Todd Chretien analyzes another advance in the assault on public-sector workers.

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